Seekin’ Yer Input…

All right, so Signifying Nothing isn’t QUITE at the disk factory yet, and while I still have the opportunity, if anyone’s willing to listen to this cut and let me know if they hear something I ought to fix, please weigh in.  Something very specific is gnawing at me about it, but I won’t specify what it is, except to say that it’s a sound thing, not a performance thing.  But I’m also not sure that I just haven’t been listening to all this too closely over the last, uh, two years.  So have a listen and let me know if you’re hearing the same thing I am.  Or maybe you’ll find something entirely new for me to obsess over!

I can’t wait…

How Did I Get So Far From Where I Should Have Been


  1. I like the stereo mix, unique and right. Every instrument really pops. Great instrumentation as well. Vocals are a bit understated compared to the instruments, but it seems to be appropriate in this case.

    – just a stranger passing by.

  2. Hey, Max, thanks for stopping by and for listening. I’m glad you liked the mix and instrumentation! So far, nobody seems to be hearing the the lil’ nit that’s bugging me, so I’m beginning to suspect I’m just listening too hard!

    Thanks again; I’m grateful for your comments.

  3. No imperfections heard, though listening to tunage over a computer is for lame-o’s. I think you’ve got a fine a-tonal blues / Sonic Youth-y dirge thing goin’ on…

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