Book Live Performance

Arrange for The Long Afternoon to demonstrate their approach to enhanced sonic ambience at your venue or event.

Volume and value

We can match the needs of your environment and patronage, whether they require soothing tones or high-decibel string-bending. Our passion remains consistent across all volumes.

Song Questions

Unsure about a lyric? Puzzled by a reference? Ambivalent about the degree of effort needed to investigate a piece of esoterica?

A matter of record

The Long Afternoon’s recordings are largely self-contained and intended to speak for themselves; however, we will happily entertain any queries about them.

Unrelated Queries

Got a question unrelated to The Long Afternoon's efforts to enhance your sonic well-being? Feel free to ask away!

Arcane but not trivial

What is of interest to you is likely of interest to us. We welcome engagement with like-minded people on everything from advertisements to zippers.
The Long Afternoon

we’d love to discuss it with you.

Whatever the nature of your concern is, we’d love to discuss it further. Whether you’d like to hire the long afternoon, consult with us about the relative levels of noise and quiet in your environment, or just want to talk about music and/or sonics, we’re here for you.

Main Office: State College, Pennsylvania
Phone: 213-866-4238‬
Email: [email protected]