Reclusive Pennsylvania-based indie rock pioneers The Long Afternoon formed in Pittsburgh in 1985 and consolidated in State College in 1987. The organization has pursued a strategy of deliberate obscurity, opting not to participate in conventional rock and roll career-building activities and eschewing traditional notions of success entirely, leaving their ultimate ambitions and intent unknown to any but the group’s inner circle.

High-profile opening slots for indie-rock luminaries like Dinosaur Jr. yielded a deal in 1987 with Bulging Eye, then the Flaming Lips’ management company, in 1987. A self-titled EP was recorded and a national tour planned, but acrimony led to the suspension of all organizational initiatives, and the 1987 EP remains unreleased.

The Long Afternoon later embarked on a new series of initiatives. The organization’s first album, “The Luxury Problem,” came out in 2006 to enthusiastic reviews in The Big Takeover and, ironically enough for an organization whose  personnel no longer indulge, High Times. Their second album, 2009’s Signifying Nothing, was named one of the 10 best indie albums of the year by A Future in Noise.

The group’s third album, 2011’s An Index of Maladjustments, added additional guitar muscle and also contained “The Chameleonaires,” a single that, while typically ambiguous and open to multiple interpretations, was nonetheless adopted as an anthem of sorts by Occupy Wall Street protestors. The Long Afternoon neither encouraged nor discouraged this use of their statement.

The organization’s fourth album, the eerily prescient Regression, was released in August 2016, steeped in themes of thoughtless automata, top-down control, conspiratorial hallucination, and corrupt denial of reality.

The Long Afternoon continues to issue recorded statements and proffer live demonstrations as situations demand. They are deeply grateful for the opportunity to spend part of their lives creating music, and twice as grateful to those who listen to the music they create.

The Right Approach. The Right Outcomes.

The Long Afternoon employs the optimal tools of the past, present, and future in advancing our quest to get these sounds out of our heads and into yours.

Beautiful Noises

Where it starts is not where it ends.

Every Sound Has Meaning

We will seek out and create patterns of sound to convey our ideas to the world.

Curiosity and Intent

Our appetite for new tools and applications is limitless.

Learn and Apply

Accepted modes are insufficient; it’s important to explore what else can be done with the tools at hand.

Invitation and Experience

Real-time sound generation to instill excitement.

The Power of Live Demonstration

Assessing the amount of vibration induced by amplifiers and speakers pushed to their limits.

Ecstatic Listeners
Hours in Studio
Rumors and Innuendoes

meet the team

eston martz
eston martzchief feedback officer
player of guitars, shouter of words, writer of songs, executor of other duties as assigned or imagined.
wire manipulation 93%
sloganeering 86%
jean-pierre mulley
jean-pierre mulleysonics engineer
bender of strings, mixer of sounds, genius of noises, manipulator of gear, deployer of tones.
crunch 71%
slash 80%
jeff edmunds
jeff edmundsdepth technician
knower of things said, builder of foundations, deliverer of breakthroughs, bender of circuits, walker of basslines.
throb 62%
rumble 86%
greg elliott
greg elliottmeat hammer
hitter of skins, wielder of sticks, purveyor of pulses, master of fills, engine of rhythms, bedrock of timing.
boom 100%
crash 100%

We Apply Creativity, Intuition & Determination

What value is there to extract from the sounds and arrangements others already create? Endless repetition of the familiar dulls us all, so we don’t.

We Are Creative

Even inspiration from established masters can be recombined in ways that surprise, confound, and delight.

We Have Intuition

Time moves as it will, regardless of your desires or supplication. Intent minus action equals nil. The muse whispers all the time, and we are always listening.

We Are Determined

Obscurity is not indicative of commitment or intensity. The beaten path leads to the meat grinder of traditional rock and roll business.

the long afternoon onstage

We’re Here To Help You Banish Quietude.

Through Sheer Determination