regression /rəˈɡreSH(ə)n/. An instance of regressing. A return to a previous, less optimal state. A traveling back in time. A mode of therapy in which the behaviors of an earlier stage are reenacted to facilitate healing. A measure of the association of one or more independent variables with a dependent variable. An equation that characterizes a relationship such that one variable can be estimated from the others. The reappearance of a flaw that had previously been addressed. The fourth album by The Long Afternoon, released by Problematic Audio recordings.

side one:

  1. autoresponder
  2. lowest common
  3. let’s go crash
  4. the miller song
  5. year of the cat

side two:

  1. don’t tell me you don’t have the time
  2. just the sun
  3. promises of the golden dawn
  4. see you around
  5. divagenda

For this document, The Long Afternoon comprised:

Eston Martz: guitars, keyboards, vocals
Jeff Edmunds: bass, vocals
Greg Elliott: drums, vocals
Jean-Pierre Mulley: guitars, vocals

Recorded February 2014 to May 2016 at Problematic Audio and 7 Spruces by Eston Martz and J.-P. Mulley. Produced by M&M. Mastered by Bob Klotz and Klotz Audio Productions.

All songs by Eston Martz except “Year of the Cat” by Al Stewart and Peter Wood.

Problematic Audio pa004

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