An Index of Maladjustments

An Index of Maladjustments is the third album by The Long Afternoon. It was released in 2011 by Problematic Audio recordings.

side one:

  1. article of faith
  2. better now
  3. casual transmission
  4. the chameleonaires
  5. derailer
  6. drown

side two:

  1. joni’s wire
  2. so fucking sad
  3. the revolutionary
  4. well i wish you would
  5. an index of maladjustments

For this document, The Long Afternoon comprised:

Eston Martz: guitars, vocals
Jeff Edmunds: bass, vocals
Greg Elliott: drums
Jean-Pierre Mulley: guitars

Recorded February 2010 to June 2011 at Frigo Recording, Problematic Audio, and 7 Spruces by Marc Frigo, Eston Martz, and J.-P. Mulley. Mixed by Marc Frigo and Eston Martz. Mastered by Marc Frigo.