signifying nothing

Signifying Nothing is the second album by The Long Afternoon. The band began recording in March 2007 and concluded in January 2009. It was released in 2009 by Problematic Audio recordings.

side one:

  1. elinor murphy
  2. building
  3. goodbye to all that
  4. using dream
  5. never tell
  6. she fell
  7. signifying nothing

side two:

  1. shift
  2. sermon
  3. that’s just the way it happened
  4. yr happy girl
  5. intent
  6. blacklight district
  7. spencer patrol
  8. how did i get so far from where i should have been
  9. bother

For this document, The Long Afternoon comprised:

Eston Martz: wires, rasps, and moans
Jeff Edmunds: throbs and rumbles
Greg Elliott: booms and rattles

Noises were captured at Audible Images and Problematic Audio recording studios.