The Luxury Problem

The Luxury Problem is the first album by The Long Afternoon. Delayed by nearly two decades, the Long Afternoon’s first album comprised songs composed during the band’s earliest years, circa 1984 to 1987.  The album was recorded between March 2005 and October 2007, and released in December 2007 by Problematic Audio Recordings.

  1. that’s not what you said
  2. yr introduction
  3. threw me into shock
  4. i gotta get out
  5. on the plane
  6. get back to work
  7. the revolver
  8. susan murmured
  9. red glass flower
  10. tune out, turn off, drop dead
  11. i could show her
  12. the luxury problem
  13. awful thing (bonus)
  14. red glass feedback (bonus)

For this document, The Long Afternoon comprised:

Eston Martz: guitars and vocals
Jeff Edmunds: bass
Greg Elliott: drums