Recorded Statements and Albums

In accordance with their strategy of obscurity, The Long Afternoon’s independent rock music is documented and made available through recorded statements that can be reproduced at will by appropriate electronic devices. The statements comprise compositions created by The Long Afternoon’s core strategists in furtherance of the organization’s commitment to its mission.

In extensive user testing and quality assurance studies, The Long Afternoon has confirmed that these statements achieve maximum efficacy at amplitude levels near the higher end of the scale present on most sonic reproduction mechanisms available outside of clinical and military channels. The organization recommends users of the recorded statements identify all controls labelled “Volume” and increase their levels as appropriate, remaining within the bounds of safety, propriety, jurisdictional imperatives, and simple consideration for one’s fellow human beings.


Regression album art

Set into motion and sustained by loyal ghosts.

An Index of Maladjustments

Regression album art

Two years of Jordan almonds and midnight phone calls from the feds.

Signifying Nothing

Signifying Nothing album art

In reverse the years become a tale told by an idiot.

The Luxury Problem

The Luxury Problem album art

You’ll stand in the circle and make no sound.

As always The Long Afternoon invites comment and reaction to all official statements. Physical copies of the organization’s recorded statements are available via,, and many more. The Long Afternoon’s recorded statements also are available for streaming and download via, iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, and others.