king charles EP

The Long Afternoon commemorates a change in figureheads that heralded a new dark age.  Songs about mutual obsessions, ersatz entitlement, and the great equalizer. The sounds may soothe the wounds but the damage inflicted by an overeducated, emotionally stunted man-child can’t be so easily reversed.  In the wake of the golden goose’s emergency surgery the eggs come out streaked with tin, and so they always will. A precursor to the fifth album by The Long Afternoon, released by Problematic Audio recordings.


  1. checking out
  2. you’re never wrong
  3. interesting things

For this document, The Long Afternoon comprised:

Eston Martz: guitars, keyboards, vocals
Jeff Edmunds: bass, vocals
Greg Elliott: drums, vocals
Jean-Pierre Mulley: guitars, vocals

Recorded primarily at Problematic Audio and 5 Spruces. Mixed and mastered by J.-P. Mulley at the Hobbit House, April 2023.

All songs by Eston Martz.

Problematic Audio pa005

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