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Call and Response

The Long Afternoon always delivers the goods.

Local Scenester

The album undulates and screams with all manner of guitar whackery, courtesy of Martz and his way with six strings and studio layering.

Rob Smith, Popdose

The instrumentation and chemistry between Martz, guitarist J.P. Mulley, drummer Greg Elliot, and bassist Jeff Edmunds is raw and rich, from the radio-ready pep of “Better Now” to the post-hardcore crescendos of “Casual Transmission.” The title track slinks along with a  psychedelic menace.

Dan Kunz, Knight-Ridder

His best, most alluring weapon is the wall of fuzz, which he employs to superior effect…

Rob Smith, Popdose

The Long Afternoon deliver great melodies and often thought-provoking lyrics. Sounding like a mellower version of early Husker Du, both albums take you on a journey – what kind of journey is up to you. They’re not out to gain popular acclaim, but in trying to avoid it, they’re bound to find that they’ve endeared themselves to many fans of thoughtful, well played music.

Waxdolly Podcast

“That’s Not What You Said” and “On the Plane” offer glimmers of hope.

Neil Agneta, The Big Takeover

The Long Afternoon provide updated jangle rock for a new era, with smartly crafted songs.

Marilyn Roxie, A Future in Noise

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2. refine

Examine initial results and test refractions and extensions to flesh out the full range of possible outcomes.

3. recombine

Explore potential to mesh new elements with existing experiments in pursuit of entirely unexpected directions.

4. test

Expose intermediate versions to conditions including frost, fire, silence, noise, isolation, crowding, submersion, and ascension.

5. deliver

Introduce new item into public sphere; monitor and evaluate impact and repercussions; apply results of analysis to future tasks.

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