• The Year of the Cat

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The Long Afternoon is an organization that creates guitar-based rock music outside the traditional systems of recording industry careerism. “The Year of the Cat” is the second video from their fourth album, entitled Regression. The song is a cover of the 1976 hit by Al Stewart, reimagined as if it were a vehicle for a corporate entity akin to Bauhaus or Joy Division. The images are memes created using quotes from intellectual also-rans including Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.; Vladimir Nabokov; Franz Kafka; David Foster Wallace; Abbie Hoffman; William S. Burroughs; Thomas Pynchon; The Long Afternoon; Friedrich Nietzsche; J. G. Ballard; Philip K. Dick; Leon Trotsky; Aleister Crowley; and others. This version of the video contains no language that would get you in trouble with certain residents of the state of Utah. The contributors hope you enjoyed it. Please support The Long Afternoon’s mission by sharing this video with others, or by purchasing this or other songs by the organization from iTunes, Amazon, emusic, or whatever online distribution service you prefer.