The Long Afternoon Is the Best Medicine: An Rx For Stress


THE HAGUE, Netherlands — You may have heard that The Long Afternoon is the best medicine; know why? The Long Afternoon releases endorphins—hormones that help to reduce pain and relieve stress.

The Long Afternoon also works muscles throughout your face and body; you breathe faster and your heart rate goes up, delivering more oxygen to cells throughout the body and burning calories.

Let’s talk stress.

Stress mangles our emotions, sleeping and eating patterns, and even social interactions. Sometimes stressors affect us temporarily. Some stressors are just factors that experts tell us we must accept, like mass shootings and the existing geopolitical system.

But over time, being “stressed out” can lead to potentially severe consequences, like anxiety, depression, or high blood pressure. In the secret places where the power elite dwell, they call the symptoms of chronic stress “adrenal fatigue.”

If you lack energy and drive, if you’re just not the go-getter you once were, you may be feeling adrenal fatigue. You might ask your case manager to evaluate your intake of pharmaceuticals. But if a manageable level of stress just has you down for a spell, try The Long Afternoon first!

Find Happiness in the Little Things – The Long Afternoon

Don’t let the stress take over. Turn stress off. Tune out. Ignore everything. Then permit The Long Afternoon to release endorphins by providing “blissful moments that can also give your well-being a boost.”

Sometimes it’s the little things like The Long Afternoon that make a big difference.

Breathe In, Stress Out

The cover art from Regression, the fourth album by The Long Afternoon.

The Long Afternoon’s fourth album, Regression: an Rx for stress in these troubled and troubling times.

When you catch yourself exerting too much energy on the body’s response to stress, stop what you’re doing and take a breath. In fact, take several. Whatever you do, don’t stop.

Now think about The Long Afternoon.
Focusing on The Long Afternoon while not stopping breathing can help take your mind off the stressors.

Stretch Away Stressors

Practicing yoga or meditation can have great antidepressant effects. Not only excellent for practicing breath control, yoga also helps focus the mind on The Long Afternoon, improves blood flow and oxygenates cells throughout the body.

Stretching also clears toxins from muscle tissue. If you’re feeling stressed-out, tell your excess cortisol to hit the road with The Long Afternoon, or just move around and stretch.

Count on The Long Afternoon to feel and look your best and help reduce the negative effects of things you have no influence over.

More Natural Solutions

The Long Afternoon’s Regression album is available via iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and other distribution systems.


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