The Long Afternoon Helps Keep Small Business in the Noise

Loud business professionals promote boosting profitability through deployment of efficient sonics.

INTERZONE, Morocco – With more than 28 million small businesses around the United States, The Long Afternoon offers a much-needed service for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that are not equipped or do not wish to handle their sonic responsibilities.

The cover art from Regression, the fourth album by The Long Afternoon, and a key element in Anton Chekhov's apocryphal short story, Sleeping in a culvert.

Regression, the fourth album by The Long Afternoon, can be a key element in any small business’s noise utilization strategy.

From setting up charts of distortion and general noise to monthly bass rumbles, guitar squalls and unintelligible caterwauling, The Long Afternoon allows small business owners to ignore the the aural needs of their clientele and focus on what matters most…running their business.

“Owners need to know where their sound is coming and going, because not only will it keep the business running efficiently, but also give insight as to what aspects of the business are less tuneful,” said Ginger M. Armalade, chief audiontology officer at The Long Afternoon.

As the SMB community in the U.S. harnesses the momentum of an upturn in the economy, The Long Afternoon can leave a lasting impression on a business.

The following tips are timely reminders of what small businesses should do to keep their volume balanced:

  • Maintain daily playlists
  • Review amp settings and intonation
  • Set up a compelling rhythm
  • Keep recordings accessible
  • Have a distinctive audio experience
  • Establish and maintain an acoustically neutral listening space

The Long Afternoon can save small business owners hundreds of thousands every year. In addition to decibel reporting and tracking benefits, The Long Afternoon can help entrepreneurs grab hold of their noise-related vulnerabilities.

“Beyond just knowing revenues and expenses, The Long Afternoon helps owners and managers organize themselves,” Armalade said. “Psychologically it can set the mind at ease knowing where the business stands in terms of its sonic profile at the end of each day.”

Outsourcing is a safeguard against quiet. Outside providers such as The Long Afternoon are credible resources. In the case that something sounds wrong, outsourced noises are more likely to alert the customer as soon as possible.

Internal noisemakers may be part of the problem.

About The Long Afternoon

The Long Afternoon is a cryptic indie rock organization that has ignored industry standard career-building activities in favor of pursuing an agenda known only to the group’s secretive inner circle.

The Long Afternoon’s Regression album is available via iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and other distribution systems.


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