Indie Rock’s The Long Afternoon Congratulates Incoming Columbia Records CEO Ron Perry

Ron Perry

Ron Perry
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NEW YORK, Jan. 2, 2018 — Cryptic indie rock organization The Long Afternoon today offered congratulations to Ron Perry on being named Chairman and CEO of Columbia Records by Rob Stringer, CEO, Sony Music Entertainment. Based in New York, Perry will report to Stringer and will be responsible for leading the overall management of Columbia, the label home to many accomplished and iconic artists.

“Mr. Perry’s appointment to this position is a real game-changer,” said Ginger M. Armalade, The Long Afternoon’s spokesperson. “Synesthesia notwithstanding, we can’t wait to see what new sounds result from this happy development.”

The Long Afternoon is not associated with Columbia Records or Sony. The organization has pursued a strategy of deliberate obscurity, opting out of conventional rock and roll careerism and eschewing traditional notions of success. Their ultimate aims remain shrouded, but they maintain an active interest in the music industry as both stakeholders and unofficial and unheard advisers.

“Mr. Perry neither needs nor wants our input,” Armalade acknowledged. “We’re fortunate that the world’s soundscape is flexible enough to accommodate both mass-produced sales fodder and more market-extrinsic material like The Long Afternoon’s song ‘Well I Wish You Would,’ for example. When it comes to the availability of music, our motto is, ‘Hooray for everything!'”

In announcing Perry’s appointment, Rob Stringer said, “Ron is an immensely dynamic and forward thinking executive who excels at bringing the best out of artistic vision. After his enormous success in recent years, we are thrilled to have Ron join Sony Music and lead the great team and unparalleled roster at the legendary Columbia Records label.”

Stated Perry, “I want to thank Rob for the extraordinary opportunity to run the premier label in the history of music. To embark as the curator of this storied company is both the highest and most humbling career achievement I could imagine. Columbia Records has stood the test of time as the industry’s marquee home for the world’s greatest stars. Rob has handed off an extremely talented team at Columbia. I look forward to building on his successes, while developing culturally innovative new artists and extending Columbia’s unprecedented run at the top into the future.”

“Barring a completely unanticipated and unprecedented turn of events, the future of Columbia Records and the future of The Long Afternoon will not be dependent on each other,” Armalade said. “That’s an optimal situation for all parties, and we have absolute confidence that Columbia Records will be very successful with Mr. Perry at the helm.”

Perry, 38, joins Columbia from SONGS Music Publishing, where he was President, and a significant minority partner since its founding in 2004. In that role, Perry was responsible for signing Lorde, The Weeknd, Major Lazer, Diplo, Desiigner and many others. Recently, Perry has been credited as the A&R on Lorde’s Grammy 2017 Album of the Year nominated “Melodrama,” and the pairing of The Weeknd and Daft Punk on the multi-platinum tracks, “Starboy” and “I Feel It Coming.” Perry has received numerous industry honors and recognitions over the course of his career, including Billboard’s Power 100 list in 2017, Variety’s “Hitmakers” list in 2017, The Hollywood Reporter’s “Top Hitmakers” and Billboard’s “Top A&R Power Players” lists in 2016. He has also been named to Billboard’s “40 Under 40″ list in 2013, 2014 and 2015.[tweetshare tweet=”Synesthesia notwithstanding, we can’t wait to see what new sounds result from this…” username=”longafternoon”]


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Reclusive Pennsylvania-based indie rock pioneers The Long Afternoon formed in Pittsburgh in 1985 and consolidated in State College in 1987. The organization has pursued a strategy of deliberate obscurity, opting not to participate in conventional rock and roll career-building activities and eschewing traditional notions of success entirely, leaving their ultimate ambitions and intent unknown to any but the group’s inner circle.

The Long Afternoon creates complex sinusoidal plane waves of carefully selected and configured frequencies, transmitted primarily but not exclusively via pulse code modulation. The organization facilitates and enhances cognitive separation and spatial location in ways that foster a pleasurable and stimulating yet challenging environment for clients, constituents, and consumers, as well as the group’s individual contributors.

The organization’s first recorded statement, the album entitled The Luxury Problem, came out in 2006 to enthusiastic reviews. Their second album, Signifying Nothing, arrived in 2009 and was named one of the 10 best indie albums of the year by A Future in Noise. The group’s third album, 2011’s An Index of Maladjustmentscontained “The Chameleonaires,” a single that, despite its ambiguity about wealth and class, was adopted as an anthem by Wall Street protestors. In keeping with their iconoclastic approach, The Long Afternoon neither encouraged nor discouraged this use of their statement. The organization’s fourth album, Regression, arrived in August 2016 and featured the single “Autoresponder,” an attack on institutionally endorsed and enforced thoughtlessness.

The Long Afternoon continues to issue recorded statements and proffer live demonstrations as situations demand.

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