We are humbled and awed that “Signifying Nothing” was named to A Future in Noise’s list of the 10 best indie submissions of 2009.   As proud as we are of this record, it’s great to get a lil’ bit of external validation here and there, and this is a nice spur to get us moving faster on the next album.  More on that later…

If you’re not already reading AFIN, start.  Today.  It’s a great blog, and it’s got a good community growing up around it as well.  They really are dedicated to finding and sharing great new music, and they do a good job of identifying the wheat amid the chaff (and we’re not just saying that ’cause they liked us).

The news that founder Marilyn Roxie, a fine musician in her own right, may be forming a new label in the future is particularly welcome, and we wish her tremendous success with it.

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