Our first live demonstration in many years took place on 10 July 2010 at Chronic Town in State College, along with our good friends and fellow State College indie rock back-in-the-day’ers the SEEN.  An excellent show all the way around, with stellar support from Shane on sound at Chronic Town and a great crowd.  Thanks to everyone who came to see us and the SEEN, and if you didn’t make it, we hope we’ll see you in the near future.  Meanwhile, here are some choice photos from the event.  Video and audio may follow soon.

J.-P. Mulley playing his Phantom guitar from Phantom Guitar Works. (photo by Zachary Maser)

Mr. Mulley reveals how it's done.  (photo by Zachary Maser)

Jeff on the floor spacing out during 'Red Glass Flower.'   (photo by Zachary Maser)

Jeff and Rick(enbacker). (photo by Zachary Maser)

Nice jeans. (photo by Zachary Maser)

Eston's modded Grestch electromatic hollowbody. (photo by Zachary Maser)

Humming and strumming. (photo by Zachary Maser)

Greg on the drums means the beat never wavers. (photo by Zachary Maser)

Eston, Gretsch, Fender Twin. (photo by Zachary Maser)

Eston frets and moans while Greg keeps the rock rolling. (photo by Zachary Maser)

We're an American band. (photo by Drew Frank)

'Red Glass Flower': Eston's zoned, Jeff's floored. (photo by Drew Frank)

iPhone image from Nicole!

The Long Afternoon: Behind the Music (photo by Drew Frank)

Eston from Jud's iPhone (photo by Judson Mantz)

The Long Afternoon (photo by Drew Frank)

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