The monthly news magazine Voices of Central Pennsylvania sent reporter Elizabeth Timberlake-Newell to interview us about our most recent album, An Index of Maladjustments, a few months ago.  We’ve typically shied away from doing much press just because…well…there seems to be relatively little point to it.  But this was a nice piece:

The Long Afternoon’s Music Infused with Ambiguity

There’s one mistake in the article, and it stems from a misstatement that I made in my interview with Elizabeth.  In our discussion, which was pretty wide-ranging, I mentioned the “I-have-to-make-this-music-for-myself” appeal of albums like Oar, the only solo album by Skip Spence, who people mostly remember — if they remember him at all — as one of the three guitar players in Moby Grape.  I referred to him as “Jefferson Airplane’s first drummer,” and Elizabeth dutifully did the research and looked up Jefferson Airplane’s first drummer…who was Jerry Peloquin.

Skip Spence was the Airplane’s second drummer, not the first.  So the error that appears in the Voices article was mine, not Elizabeth’s.  Just wanted to clear that up.





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