Hey – the new MacBook Pro arrived last week, and it’s truly a thing of beauty. Coupled with a Presonus Firebox soundcard and some other odds and ends, it’s a great and powerful digital audio workstation. I’ve got a bit of a learning curve ahead before I can achieve what I’d consider professional results, but I’ve already been using it to record some demos, including a demo of “Never Tell” I’ll share here. Let me know what you think if you have a listen. I recorded the vocals while I was trying fend off some kinda horrible throat crud, so they’re particularly choice.

By the way, band rehearsal tomorrow and next week, then back into Audible Images to record rhythm tracks on April 29. Plan is to do guitar tracks, ornamentation, and possibly even vocals at home on the MacBook, which should provide much more flexibility to experiment with tone and parts than I’ve had the luxury to indulge in with Audible Images, as great as that studio is. When you’re paying by the hour, it’s hard to justify spending six hours trying to get a two-second bit of feedback just right.

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