The super-cool Iranian music blog This Winki linked to our song Elinor Murphy, and had some very nice things to say about our work.  You should check out what they had to say about us:

Eston Martz voice doesn’t sound that 24 years in making. It’s way more a late-twenties lung than that. As they describe their own sound they tend to be angular and edgy with energy to burn and emphasis on cryptic deeply personal songs.” And yes, you could easily say “Elinor Murphy” isn’t far from personal. Their indie-rock is hopefully vital and young after all these years.

Thanks!  I guess I’m just well-preserved.  Interesting that he picks up on Elinor Murphy being personal, since it’s very much a self-portrait, albeit through a pretty damn fractured mirror.

The blog is well worth reading; I suggest you do so.

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