So dig this big crux:

A few weeks back I was looking for a couple of household items–nothing interesting, just a few basic things–so I checked out leading Wal-Mart alternative, to see what I could expect to pay if I stopped there on my way back from my day gig.  While there, just for shits and giggles, I typed in the name of our album.


The Luxury Problem at

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Pretty cool, and pretty funny, too.  But it’s a stark indicator of just how fucked things are these days.  You can’t get The Long Afternoon’s first album at Other Music, or insound, two leading lights of online indie music procurement.  But go to the Web site of a somewhat-better-than-the-worst retail giant, and there it is.

RE: the thoroughly tongue-in-cheek title of this post: what the fuck is up with Bill Wyman?  I mean, this is just embarrassing.

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