Our Web host, the mighty Laughing Squid, has changed up some things on their end, and are now offering some new hosting options, including one they’re calling, amusingly, “The Cloud.”  The Cloud offers a number of advantages over their standard hosting service, so we’ve opted to transfer everything over, which involved moving all of the files from the old site onto the new servers, then moving the site’s SQL database over and hooking it back up so everything points where it’s supposed to, and then actually switching the DNS entry at our domain registrar to point to the new site.

None of this is exactly rocket science, but it isn’t something I do all the time.  Nonetheless, I’m happy to report that the move was successful and the site is now running on the Cloud server.  This gives us more bandwidth to fool with, much more storage space for goodies, and a more reliable server system.  Not that we ever had problems with Laughing Squid going down, but now we’ll have even fewer.

So why do you care about all this?  Well, you probably don’t — but if you see something broken on the site, let us know.  I believe everything has been updated and transferred intact, but it’s possible something slipped by.

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