Indie Rock Organization The Long Afternoon Supports Wisconsin Building Projects, But Demands New Scott Walker Album

Scott Walker - The Drift

Scott Walker’s album The Drift.

MADISON, Wis. – In response to the State of Wisconsin Building Commission’s recent approval of key projects throughout state, cryptic indie rock organization The Long Afternoon has expressed support even while continuing to caution that Scott Walker’s activities as the state’s governor appear to be hindering the completion of the pop-icon-turned-avant-garde-composer’s latest album.

Scott 4

Scott Walker’s fifth album, titled Scott 4.

In contrast to most indie rock bands, The Long Afternoon pursues a strategy of deliberate obscurity, opting not to participate in conventional rock and roll career-building activities and eschewing traditional notions of success entirely. Their ultimate ambitions and intent remain unknown to any but the group’s inner circle, but in the past they have been vocal critics of any Wisconsin government activities that further delay the release of new Scott Walker music.

“We appreciate the responsibility that Wisconsin’s voters have placed on Mr. Walker’s shoulders,” said Ginger M. Armalade, The Long Afternoon’s spokesperson. “We also recognize that a new album from Scott Walker is likely to be more along the lines of The Drift than the inimitable Scott 4. Nonetheless, it is imperative that Scott Walker return to the studio as soon as possible so that his new music can be completed and released to the masses, who have barely heard anything new from him since that collaboration with Sunn 0))), which was awesome but is now several years old.”

Armalade suggested that those who find themselves at a loss in the absence of new Scott Walker material explore The Long Afternoon’s recorded statements issued to date. “Admittedly, the Afternoon’s guitar-centric indie-rock is nothing like Mr. Walker’s work, but an ironic, yet heartfelt song like ‘So Fucking Sad’ at least lets you know that you’re not in this alone!”

Scott Walker may not have been paying much attention to his avant-garde composing lately, but he hasn’t been idle. At its recent meeting the State of Wisconsin Building Commission approved key projects including, but not limited to:

  • The purchase of equipment, software, training, and technical support for a new broadcast automation system in Wisconsin Public Broadcasting’s Operations Center;
  • Release $5 million GFSB grant for the completion of the St. Ann Center for Intergenerational Care’s Bucyrus Campus;
  • Renovation of Wittich Hall on the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse campus to create a new technology-rich home for the College of Business Administration, including the Small Business Development Center;
  • Funding to acquire new and replacement equipment for the University of Wisconsin – Manitowoc Science Building and at the University of Wisconsin – Marshfield/Wood County Everette Roehl STEM Center; and
  • Other various maintenance and repair projects around the state.

“The State Building Commission approved a number of important projects today, which will positively impact Wisconsin residents,” said Governor Scott Walker. “I would like to thank the members of the Building Commission for taking action on these projects, which will improve facilities throughout Wisconsin.”

“That’s just ducky for the people of Wisconsin,” Armalade responded on behalf of The Long Afternoon, “but it’s certainly not music to the ears of Scott Walker’s fans, who still don’t know when they’ll get a new album from the man.”

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