Bonus points to anyone who recognizes THAT lyric.  Shades of 1991, eh?

I’m in the midst of trying to finish recording guitar, vocals, and keyboard parts for the last two songs on Signifying Nothing, “Elinor Murphy” and “Using Dream.”  It’s intensely frustrating.  The great thing about doing this stuff at the Problematic Audio studios (located right downstairs) is that I have the luxury of doing as many takes as I need to in order to get things just the way I want them.  The horrible thing about it is that after each take, I think maybe I could hit this note more squarely, or maybe I can bend that string just a little further, or maybe I should…just rewrite the whole song.

I did something like 35 takes on a single line in “Elinor,” and I’m still not entirely satisfied with any of them.  But my voice is shot for tonight.

On a completely unrelated note, how ’bout that Iraqi reporter throwing shoes at the leader of the free world?  Now, I ain’t a-sayin’ I agree with what he did, but I ain’t a-sayin’ I quite disagree, neither.  How many other people in that room do you think were wanting to do exactly the same thing, but lacked the courage to do it?  And speaking of courage, what was up with the Secret Service guys there?  Have even THEY had enough?  I mean, it’s bad enough one shoe almost winged the lame duck, but someone on the detail should have been right there before the second shoe was thrown.  I hope Obama’s detail is a bit more on top of things, even though I hope there are far fewer people in the world ready to pelt him with footwear.

With any luck, “Signifying Nothing” will be finished and perhaps even available before the inauguration.

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  1. Matt December 17, 2008 at 9:06 am

    Just had Teenage Fanclub on the other day.

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