Project Description

Project Brief

This is a video for the second song on The Long Afternoon’s Regression album. The song addresses the possibility of hidden connections between historical events. The video begins with animation reflecting the opening guitar figures, before showing things collapsing and dissolving into each other in a wash of unnatural colors.

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Lowest Common


Paranoia is a dimension of clinical and subclinical experiences in which others are believed to have harmful intentions. Mild paranoid concerns are relatively common in the general population, and more clinically severe paranoia shares features with social anxiety. Highly hallucination prone individuals showed a significantly greater increase in perceptual distortions in sensory deprivation than did non-prone individuals suggesting a state-trait interaction. Appraisals of these experiences were compared to both clinical and non-clinical individuals experiencing psychotic symptoms in everyday life.

Suspicion 98%
Chill down spine 92%
Impostor syndrome 96%
Selection bias 98%

Initial Concept Planning

Genetic recombination and mutation plus natural selection are ways of problem-solving for life on Earth. Government internal auditing in recent times has increased greatly in terms of importance and responsibility; it has become an official observer in the eyes of both managers and the public.

Draft & Revisions

A molecular neurobiologist
and a clinical MRI researcher might
come up with an entirely new way
of solving a research question in the
course of a short conversation in
between experiments.

Final Delivery

At the beginning and end of the study, trained personnel assessed the cognitive functions of participants, administering in a standard order a broad range of validated neuropsychological tests and mood disorder questionnaires. The tests evaluated the three main cognitive domains – memory, executive function and processing speed.


This research involves a group of young participants and points to the possible cognitive and mental health benefits. Biological samples (fasting blood, 24-hour urine and feces) were collected prior to the start of the study as a baseline and after six months of participation in the study.


Participants were contacted three months into the research to encourage their ongoing adherence to the study parameters. Growing demand for counter countermeasure systems due to their high demand for antijamming and deception techniques in countermeasure applications are projected to increase the growth.