Rehearsals Continue

It’s been a busy few weeks…rehearsals are continuing for the next set of recording sessions for Signifying Nothing, our next record.  They’re going really well — the songs include some of the first and latest songs I’ve written, and it’s been interesting to me to see what elements have remained consistent and what elements have changed in my writing as I learn more about music and writing and life in general.  Jeff and Greg continue to stun me with their raw ability; after a take or two, they’ve got the basic gist of the song down and they’re ready to start fine-tuning the details.  It’s really quite a stunning working experience after some of the situations I’ve been in — I’ve always been privileged to work with really talented musicians, but communicating concepts and making them work has never come so quickly before.

Meanwhile, I’m continuing to work on guitar parts for the five songs we’ve already recorded in the studio; I’ve set up a small home studio that lets me use the GNX4 — whose capabilities I’ve barely begun to explore — and a PC to lay tracks over the rhythm tracks we recorded in June at Audible Images.  My ability to use ProTools isn’t sophisticated enough that I’d be comfortable finishing these tracks at home, but it’s good enough that I can try different things outside the studio to see if they’ll work before spending many sheckels in studio-hours to discover they don’t.

More later…

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