Project Description

Project Brief

This video for the song “Well I Wish You Would” from The Long Afternoon’s third album, An Index of Maladjustments, has some similarities to the video for R.E.M.’s “Fall on Me,” but rather than employing seemingly random words over watery images, The Long Afternoon chose a more expository path. There were complications.

Visual A

Visual B

Well I Wish You Would


Factionalism in the ranks of the organization hindered the development of this video by The Long Afternoon’s multimedia division. The coalition that favored sincerity and transparency advocated for one approach; the competing group of cynics and pessimists rallied equal support for their point of view from the ranks. For many tense weeks, a standoff ensured.

Chronic antipathy 98%
Unjustifiable cheerfulness 92%
Generalized mistrust 96%
Inexplicable feeling of well-being 98%

Final Delivery

In the end, a compromise was struck. The optimists were allowed to use running text along the bottom of the screen to express their viewpoint, while the junta of the jaded took the text running along the top of the screen. The Long Afternoon’s spiritual and legal advisers felt that this approach offered the best of both worlds, and also could be interpreted as an expression of the duality many individuals experience daily.