Inspired by The Dream Syndicate

The Dream Syndicate is much beloved in indie rock circles, particularly for their 1984 album The Days of Wine Roses. That album's secret weapon was Karl Precoda's guitar. Creem magazine aptly called Precoda's feedback-drenched sound "The Thing That Cannot Be Stopped." But Precoda largely left music after the band's second album. Fans longed for more.

The Dream Syndicate carried on after Precoda's departure, and created much great music through the 1980s. The band's leader, Steve Wynn, continues to make great music today. But The Days of Wine and Roses remained a touchstone for guitar-obsessed indie fans.

The influence of The Dream Syndicate and Precoda's guitar work permeates the most recent albums by The Long Afternoon. You can hear it on the 11-minute drone "An Index of Maladjustments." You also can hear it on the penultimate song on Regression, "See You Around."

Perhaps you found this page because, like The Long Afternoon, you still miss Karl Precoda's distinctive guitar work with The Dream Syndicate. You desire more of "The Thing That Cannot Be Stopped." If so, The Long Afternoon hopes you enjoy these songs. It's not the Dream Syndicate, true—not really even a simulation...but the influence is unmistakable.

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