Fix the Economy: Nationalize Health Care

I know it’s old hat to the blognoscenti, but BoingBoing does come up with some consistently interesting items and occasionally even puts one out there that, upon reading it, almost completely recasts the way I look at something, or at least adds another couple of nuances to it.

I’ve long been of the opinion, even though I’m (thankfully) insured, that our health care system is fucked, and would remain fucked as long as it remained a largely for-profit venture.

Now, I am well aware that there are countless levels of complexity involved here, and that doing so won’t be simple. But an article in today’s BoingBoing makes a rather compelling argument that nationalizing health care in this country might actually SOLVE THE ECONOMIC CRISIS by making it feasible for more people to actually engage in potentially wealth-creating initiatives.

It’s one of those insights that’s so obvious once you’ve attained it that it’s hard to believe it hadn’t occurred to you before. It’s the naked lunch on the end of all our forks:

Even younger startup owners who are relatively healthy and have insurance are just a half-step from disaster. The insurance industry is in the business of not paying claims whenever possible, after all, and health insurers are working hardest to find ways not to cover people who might get sick even as they deny as many claims as possible from people who’ve been paying premiums.

The day we have national health care is the day that we unleash a wave of entrepreneurship the likes of which we’ve never seen before. That’s one of the best reasons for moving toward such a system.

You can see the full entry here.

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