You don't realize it, but in the next few minutes you're going to make a decision that will change the rest of your life.

If you're like me, you want the real deal. The genuine article. When it comes to American underground rock music, The Long Afternoon is the real deal, and the decision you're going to make gets you their new album, regression, absolutely free.

The cover art from Regression, the fourth album by The Long Afternoon, and a key element in Anton Chekhov's apocryphal short story, Sleeping in a culvert.

The cover art from Regression, the fourth album by The Long Afternoon.

Stop! Here's a fact for you: people who explore opportunities such as this one consistently have more fun than people who do not. People who take a chance on something new are much more likely to find the kinds of life-altering experiences that yield the positive changes we're all looking for.

Now think about how listening to regression will change your outlook for the better.

You're going to join the select few who experience and enjoy the songs on regression for many years to come. And just imagine the pleasure you'll get when you turn your friends on to one of the best-kept secrets in rock music!

By the time you've finished reading this, you'll already have decided you need this amazing collection of songs, which have never before appeared on album.

What's most amazing about this is I want to give you this album absolutely free. There's nothing to risk! Just enter your e-mail address and click the button, and I will give you this powerful album right now.

But let me confess something: this album isn't for everybody. Some people don't appreciate authenticity. Some people just want mass-produced, cookie-cutter crap for everything, including music. They don't appreciate grit or the occasional rough edge. They don't like surprises. Those kinds of people won't like regression.

Good. Let those people stick to the utterly conventional, officially-sanctioned sounds that keep them asleep. That clears the way for people like you and me to reap the benefits of hearing genuine rock music, created outside the plain old sound-alike channels.

So here you are. You wield the power now, so use it wisely. Enter your e-mail and get an album made by smart, real people for smart, real people, absolutely free with no risk and no obligation.


Ginger M. Armalade
Executive Outreach Director for The Long Afternoon


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