Demo from Upcoming Sessions: Better Now

Busy, busy, busy.  I really need to get out more.  But it’s been a productive couple of months, and we are getting ready to return to the studio to begin work on the follow-up to Signifying Nothing, which is tentatively titled An Index of Maladjustments.

I’m interested in getting more comments and feedback early on in the game this time, so I’m sharing the demo versions of songs with you as well as within the band.  I’d love to hear what you think, for good and bad, before these demos turn into finished tracks.  The usual caveats apply:  they’re DEMOS, so don’t expect Mitch Easter / Roy Thomas Baker / Steve Lillywhite / Brian Eno / Flood production quality, okay?

Today’s demo is for a little ditty called “Better Now.”  It started life as a happy little tune, then ended up…well…here:

Better Now – Demo

A few more caveats:

1. My voice is the instrument it is, but I’m getting more comfortable with it.  Your mileage may vary, and that’s OK.  Tom Verlaine and Scott Miller aren’t technically great singers either, but I love their work even more because of it.

2. I played the guitar and bass parts, and did drums in Logic.  J.-P., Jeff, and Greg should not be held responsible for any of this.

Hope you like it, but thanks for listening in any event.

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