Demo from Upcoming Long Afternoon LP: The Chameleonaires

Here’s another new demo intended for our next collection of tracks, or “album”,  An Index of Maladjustments.  It’s called “The Chameleonaires.”  For a change, I’m actually fairly satisfied with my vocals on this one.  Click the picture or the following link to check it out:

The Chameleonaires

This demo was finished YESTERDAY, so there’s still time to make adjustments to anything from guitar sounds to lyrics to whatever — we havent’ even played it as a band yet, let alone done it for the record.  If you’d like to offer some feedback, for good or ill, we’d love to hear it.  As is typical with the these demos, please don’t blame J.-P., Jeff or Greg for any of it.  None of these sounds are their fault.

I should probably give incoming Madame Speaker of the House John Boehner a bit of credit, as his changing skin tone (demonstrated in the following pictures) helped solidify the concept for this song. It’s inspiring, sorta…

I'm ripe!  Somebody peel my head!A healthy glow?

In true Ayn Rand spirit, though, he ain’t gettin’ none of my royalties. If and when those start pouring in, that is.  And, like anybody cares, here are the draft lyrics:

The Chameleonaires

Shattered glass tax math
Everlasting car crash
Neoprene face smash
Ripped flag on your back

We live to feed the chameleonaires!

We live to feed the chameleonaires!

Hyperbolic engines
Day gig fix in
Headfirst tailspin
Hide their copraphagic grins

We live to feed the chameleonaires!
We live to feed the chameleonaires!

Lindbergh baby doll opulent freefall
Dangled excess work hard
You’ll get
Just what they think you are worth

And you’ll never be a chameleonaire.
You’ll never be a chameleonaire.

We live to feed the chameleonaires!

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