Demo from New Album: Joni (Mitchell) Song

We’re going to the studio tomorrow evening to start recording An Index of Maladjustments.  As noted earlier, this time I’m sharing demos for all the songs we’re recording.  I’m very interested in getting feedback from you and your pals about these songs.  Whatever you think, tell me — love the song, hate the song, hate the vocals, love the guitars, want to tweak the tone, change the lyrics, whatever — until it’s pressed and distributed, you can have an impact on what we’re doing.

This week’s song has the working title “Joni Song.”  Why, you wonder, oh why would it be called “Joni Song”?

Because I’m an unabashed Joni Mitchell fan, that’s why.  Yeah, yeah, laugh if you want, I don’t care. She’s great.  Just look at the photo above from 1998 — clearly, she rocks.

This song is built around two guitar parts; one uses the standard tuning, the other uses a modified version of the tuning Joni Mitchell used on the song “Hejira,” which, if you don’t know, you really should check out right now.

Needless to say, “Joni Song” doesn’t really sound anything like Joni Mitchell, but you might catch a distant echo of “Hejira” in some of the chords you hear.

We’ll be getting this one ready for the studio in the next coupla weeks.  As usual with the demos, don’t blame Greg or Jeff or J.-P., all the noises and mistakes on these demos were made by me.

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