Cultivation of Mystery…how’s that working out?

A quick note to indicate that yes, The Long Afternoon is still a very active project, and also yes, everything is fine.  I’ve just been laying low and trying to impart it all with a Jandek-like aura of silence.  I’ve also been spending a lot of time working on the new record, in between stuff like family, work and sleep.
Ten songs for “…signifying nothing” are almost complete; five more remain to be recorded.  I’ve been finding this an extraordinarily difficult project to complete for many reasons — I’ve been very picky about the guitar sounds on these songs, and I’ve also been wrestling with some of the lyrics.  But it’s close, so close.  I expect now the record will be done by June.  I should be able to post some preview tunes well before that, though.  My next studio time is booked for March 25.

Nonmusical: I’m not entirely positive why, but I feel good about the prospect of voting for Obama this year. I’ve voted in every local, state, and national election I could since 1984, and at the national level I can honestly say this would be the first case of voting FOR someone rather than voting AGAINST someone even worse.

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