99% Sure: The Long Afternoon Goes to the Movies

We’re thrilled to announce that our song “Using Dream” from the Signifying Nothing album is featured in a new indie film, 99% Sure.  The film, directed by Philadelphia-area auteur Pat Taggart, is an engaging romantic comedy with two strong (if currently unknown) actors in the lead roles, and an equally strong supporting cast.  Here’s the trailer:

The film is currently circulating on the indie film festival scene, and we’ll keep you posted about distribution and availability.  Good film-making from an up-and-comer, and well worth your time.

We’ll give a special shout-out here to the film’s music director, Max Spiegel, of mudcat.org fame.  We’re honored that he selected our work and that the director deploys it at a crucial moment in the film.

But hey, don’t take our word that it’s good — here’s an unbiased review:


And here’s the obligatory photo of the film’s female star, Erin Mulgrew.  She’s excellent in the film, as is her colleague Jay William Robin.

Erin Mulgrew, star of 99% Sure

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