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the long afternoon is a cryptic indie rock organization that fosters pleasurable yet challenging sonic environments for our clients, constituents, and ourselves.

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Improve your aural environment.

Your aural landscape is cluttered by well-meaning contract workers who are producing sounds at far too rapid a clip. The result? Aural overload, which makes the discovery of genuine, high-quality caterwauling an increasingly challenging part of life. Trust the long afternoon to provide more sustainably paced output.

Join the aural adventurers who have turned away from flat, careerist genre exercises and deadly production-driven bottlenecks and embraced self-determination and flouting of industry convention. The long afternoon reprioritizes for this new paradigm, and listeners and affiliated passersby worldwide have taken notice.

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your free songs and email updates help answer questions like:

How can this cryptic indie rock organization help me actualize my dreams and ambitions?

What terrific sorts of new weirdness is the long afternoon up to now?

What does this beautiful guitar sound like when unnatural things are done to it?

Where does the long afternoon stand on everything I hold dear?

meet the team

eston - chief feedback officer


chief feedback officer

jeff - depth technician


depth technician

J.-P. - Sonics Engineer


sonics engineer

greg - meat hammer


meat hammer

frequently asked questions

Why do I need to tell you my name and email?

Your name lets us know what you like to be called. Make something up if you wish. Your email address enables us to a) send you a link via e-mail to download four free songs from the long afternoon, and b) on occasion send you, by email, information that may be of interest. the long afternoon has neither time nor inclination to do anything untoward with your information, like selling it or using it to spam you. Unsubscribe from our emails any time. Read more about our terms and conditions policy here.

Are you serious?

Yes and no. We are very serious about the music we create. We are very serious about the music that we love to listen to. On the other hand, we find it hard to take the "business of music" seriously, hence our disinterest in  measures of "success" based on paradigms we reject. We permit our spokesperson, Ginger M. Armalade, to deliver our public statements about developments in music and other industries. 

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